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Floor covering removal

Floor covering removal is usually hard and tenuous job when renovating a floor.
Procotech offers a wide range of technologies and thinks out of the box to remove:
• Tiles, Ceramic tiles
• Epoxy floors
• Leveling compounds
• Roofing
• Anything that lays on a floor

Procotechalso handles the evacuation of the rubbles and hands over a clean surface, ready to go on for any new type of floor (such as polished concrete, tiles, epoxy, …) to keep the disruption to a minimum for you and other contractors that would all benefit from fast and professional action.

Floor preparation

In many applications, surface preparation is the vital difference between failure and success.
Procotech provides a wide variety of service to:

• Remove old adhesives paints, curing agents
• Ensure a contaminant free surface.
• Ensure the correct surface preparation
• Ensure the right roughness and flatness to your floor

Our different processes used are mostly dry vacuumed with minimum dust and slurries.

Natural stone floor renovation

Whether it is a commercial or domestic application, Procotech can offer natural stone polishing and resurfacing services to restore the natural beauty of marble, travertine, limestone, granite and sandstone floors.

In the preparation of the surface or in case of bad laying of the stone tiles, Procotech also handles the edge grinding and removal to ensure a perfect flatness and aesthetics to your floor.

Resurfacing will remove all foreign particles such as stains, dirt and oils embedded deep in the pores of the stone surface, also removing any deep scratches.
Once the floor is prepared it can be polished to a “mirror-like” shine by using exclusive diamond material and water. No chemicals are used in our process.

In this process, water is used for cooling and rinsing. The grinding slurry is removed after each stage and Procotech ensures a perfect protection of your walls and surroundings to leave a perfectly clean environment.

Procotech diamond polishing system eliminates re-sealing your floor with conventional methods like sacrificial coatings which scratch and dull very easily, which only results in costly ongoing professional re-sealing. Procotech will leave your marble and stone floor harder and more durable, minimising the need for restoration down the track.

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